TKS – Tekno Scienze Publisher was born in 1983 with the journal Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today, as a publishing house specialised in fine chemistry, pharmaceuticals and biotechnology and has rapidly become one of the most reliable international publishers in its field.


Seven years later. The first issue of Agro FOOD Industry Hi Tech, a journal dedicated to functional food and nutrition, started another history of success.


The offer was widen in 2003 by the spin-off of Chimica Oggi - Chemistry Today, H&PCToday - Household and Personal Care Today, which is specialized in personal care, cosmetics, detergency, and dermatology.


In the 2016, we gave birth to Pharma Horizon, a B2B journal dedicated to the operators of the pharmaceutical and biotech value chain, that treats those issues impacting pharmaceutical development like business, industry trends, marketing, market access, regulatory and compliance, M&A and much more.


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