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Imperial College London - UK

  • Laurent Pichon - MEPI - France
    "Evolution of the adoption of flow technologies : facts and future"
    A travel through the evolution of the flow technologies adoption over the past decade is described.

    Application markets, geographical zones & strategies of implementations will be discussed during the workshop

  • Matthew Bio - Snapdragon Chemistry - USA
    "Automation of Experimentation: Chemical Process Development in the Era of Industry 4.0"

  • Carsten Damerau - HNP Mikrosysteme - Germany
    "Pumps - Enabling Continuous Flow Chemistry"

  • Charlotte Wiles - Chemtrix - The Netherlands
    "10 Years of Flow Chemistry - From an R&D Concept to Examples of Implementation at an Industrial Scale"

  • Flavien Susanne - GSK - UK
    Industrialisation of continuous processes: the place of process simulation

  • Ryan Skilton - Vapourtec - UK
    Libraries, Screening and Therapeutic Peptide Synthesis: The Power of Automated Flow Chemistry

KEYNOTE: Professor Alastair Florence

Future Continuous Manufacturing

and Advanced Crystallisation (CMAC), UK


KEYNOTE: Professor Timothy Noel

Eindhoven University of Technology - The Netherlands
"Innovation in catalytic methodology development through flow chemistry"