Angelini Fine Chemicals Division is one of first CDMO investing in Flow Chemistry for development and manufacturing of Early & Adv. IMs, APIs and HPAPIs of relevance to the pharmaceutical market. Equipped with state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing facility, Angelini Fine Chemicals boasts a wide flow continuous technology portfolio to advancing custom chemical development and manufacturing programs – from early clinical lots up to commercial manufacturing, from 1-1000+kg up to multi-tons scale.

Chemtrix combines expertise in the field of (chemical) engineering and chemistry to help our customers to benefit from Flow Chemistry. Our expertise enables us to offer scalable and flexible Flow Chemistry solutions. We focus on delivering the customer higher profits by accessing new chemical possibilities, via a safe and reliable scale-up from lab to production.

Corning’s Advanced-Flow™ Reactors enable continuous flow reactions for the conversion of batch processes to continuous processes. They provide customers with cost-effective solutions, specialized engineering support and process expertise. Corning reactors are designed for the seamless transition from lab feasibility to multi-ton production pharmaceutical, specialty and fine chemicals.

Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik sets standards worldwide in terms of microreaction technology. The portfolio is aligned to established equipment concepts in process technologies, with which we can meet an enormous range of disparate requirements. We focus on achieving tangible added value by implementing the technology platform of micro- and millireactors from lab to production scale.

Microinnova Engineering is a provider of process development and plant engineering services with specialist expertise incontinuous flow technology and process intensification concepts. Whether your process is completely new or established – Microinnova has the critical knowledge and experience needed to transform it into an efficient production system.

IntraMicron is an engineering technology development and manufacturing company that serves the chemicals, energy, and aerospace sectors. IntraMicron’s Microfibrous Entrapped Catalyst (MFEC) technology enables the process intensification and simplified scaleup of heterogeneously and homogeneously catalyzed flow reaction systems.

Vapourtec Ltd, based near to Cambridge, United Kingdom, is the world’s leading manufacturer of flow chemistry instruments. We have over 10 years’ experience of producing specialist equipment for the biggest names in industry and academia globally. To date, our flagship R-Series system and flexible E-Series system feature in over 500 peer reviewed publications.